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Why Integral Wellbeing

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Was it a lifetime ago I went to yoga for the first time? By the end of the session, I was hungry to learn more about the philosophy of yoga, so I enrolled in my first teacher training. I was blessed to find Vincent Pezet as a teacher and guide during my first few years of Yoga. He taught me the importance of meditation and reconnecting with the essence of our being. He taught me about breath (prana), the positions (asanas) and how the combination of these 2 prepare the body and mind for meditation. He introduced me to to the beautiful, vibrant and compassionate philosophy behind Yoga.

Following my teacher’s guidance, I built meditation into my daily routine. The more I meditated, the more apparent it became that I needed to work on reconnecting my mind, body and soul. A connection that seemed to have become broken from years of learning to function from my head. A Descartes Legacy of “I think therefore I am”! The truth became clear that this connection is the key to discovering yourself, to connect with the true essence of yourself, and with the fantastic treasure trove of love and compassion, that is within all of us. This connection could become an essential tool to help me support others on their self-Discovery journey. This is what triggered me to start my journey as a coach.

After searching for possible courses, I discovered integral coaching. Here again, I was blessed to be taught by inspirational teachers such as Craig O’Flaherty, Janine Everson, Justin Wise and so many others. The integral coaching is based amongst other things in Heidegger’s philosophy that we are emotional beings who are all on a journey to reconnect with our uniqueness, the essence of our nature.

Integral coaching aims at looking at an individual holistically across all domains of life, to guide them towards the reconnection of the mind, body and soul. The association of this type of coaching, yoga, breathing and meditation become a precious resource and enable integral well-being.

Integral Wellbeing - Why Integral Wellbeing

If your are interested in learning more about yourself, please contact me for a coaching programme.


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