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The importance of silence.

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Integral Wellbeing - The Importance of Silence

My favourite activity during winter breaks is to go for long walks either with my lovely family and our dog or alone with my dog. I love the nature, the cold giving you a sense of being alive, the winter sun warming your cheeks and the sensation of warmth as soon as you arrive back home.

Nature is such a precious resource for us to learn and grow from. Winter is a beautiful season of calm and peace. From the outside, everything either seems asleep or even dead. What is nature trying to show us? Is it dead or is there something more profound happening?

Nature is re-sourcing, re-generating itself. It is turning within and going deep into its essence. Turning deep and resourcing takes preparation and time. Autumn is all about the preparation for winter, letting go of what is not essential, what is going to turn the focus away from turning into its essence and even waste precious resources. The more I walk through winter landscapes, the more time I spend along snowy paths, the more I realise that there is an important lesson for us to learn. We need to slow down. We have to stop and learn to let go of the frivolous things that keep our attention away from what is essential in our life. We need to rest, and not just a few hours a day, but we need to make time to recharge our bodies and our minds, to step out from the incessant noise and busyness of modern life. And even more, we need to make time for silence, stillness and thereby find inner peace.

How can we expect to grow and improve if we do not connect with the essence of who we are? I often read that the only thing we can excel in is in being ourselves. I wonder how we do that if we do not even know who we are? How do we do we excel at being ourselves if we never spend time with ourselves and connect with our essence?

Nature revolves around a beautiful circle of life and rest. How can we implement such circles in our own lives?

If your are interested in finding more peace and quite in your life, please contact me for a coaching programme.


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