Stepping into your power

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

In my previous blog, "The gift of being in the moment" I refer to power with a specific note that I am neither talking about strength nor force. When I was starting to draft this blog I was watching a DC series with my teenage son; it became evident that the world of superheroes was an interesting analogy for this blog, for illustrating what power is not and differentiating power from force or strength. Take Batman who defeats villans or wonder-woman who protects the innocent both use force and strength to achieve their purpose. Both have a transformation step before going into "battle", both have a costume they "hide behind"; neither show up as who they are.

As I mentioned in my previous blog power comes from within, from deep inside, from the same place courage comes from, from the essence of one's self. Going a step further, stepping into power starts with self-acceptance and self-love. It is about stepping into who you are and owning your truth; showing up as your honest, vulnerable self, no capes, no masks, no hiding, no transforming, just you.

Vulnerability; a scary word, a frightening concept... Interestingly, my word processor just suggested I replace vulnerability with weakness. Vulnerability is by no means a synonym of weakness but a strength. Our vulnerability is the source of our humanity and interestingly our power.

During one of the major steps on my journey a fantastic woman challenged me, she said that I was like a young wild stallion, so full of power, and fear and control were letting me down, making this power explode out in bursts of force. To master that power I needed to allow myself to be tamed.... It took months until I understood what was being said. It took courage and stripping away at the protective layers I had build over time. It took starting to accept and love me for who and what I am and something amazing happened; the voices in my head that were shouting at me, putting me down, feeding my fears and doubts started to quieten. Slowly this stallion, started to be tamed; I started to step into my power.

This involved connecting with my inner child, allowing myself to play and be curious. And, standing up for myself, allowing myself to protect and priortise me.

The journey is by no means over. Stepping into our power is a process, a life long commitment to connecting with our essence, to learning and growing, to falling and standing up again, to being curious and compassionate, to allowing ourselves to be a novice at the beginning of everyday; remembering that power comes natur to children. The gift our power is greater than force and strength in all ways. It is the gift of light that allows to to shine on others...

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